North Star International K9 Training Association will be sponsoring a K9 training at Camp Atterbury SAR training center. Edinburgh, IN from Oct 17th 2018 until Oct 21nd 2018

Fall Seminar Registration opens 5/1/18



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Last Updated on November 14, 2017

NSI K9 is a non-profit corporation that is dedicated to bringing the emergency K9 search teams affordable training.

Historically, search and rescue K9 trainers have provided free training to handlers and their K9's. In the last few years many trainers have begun to charge for their services. While we agree that trainers deserve compensation, we believe that the dedicated volunteer search and recovery personnel need organized support for free and low cost training from competent trainers.

NSI K9 does not endorse any one trainer nor any one training method. Our goal is to raise funds to provide expenses for trainers who are endorsed by NSI K9's Board of Directors.

In addition, we offer multiple training opportunities at no cost to the handler. Our services are delivered in the KY, OH and IN tri state area.

We encourage K9 from outside of the tri state area to take advantage of our weekend training and our annual seminars.